The Longtail slid down the gravel-filled slope leading into a temple of the Old Ones. The slope was riddled with roots of the local plant life, breaking up the structure and taking over as sovereign the space that the Old Ones had left behind.

    He was careful stepping off the slope. The plants were inexorable and relentless in their conquest and the structure had became weak over the long absence of the Old Ones. The life that grew near these structures fed off the energies of the...

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22nd Day of the 1st month of 975.

Howlstone, Private Trip 

*Researcher's notes 2C: Observations here have been filed and sent for archival purposes. Much remains unknown about the subject under discussion and one day, perhaps what is written in this entry can be verified. It is true, however, that there had only ever been 3 documented and 2 verified accounts of the subject.


*End Researcher's notes 2C.


I find myself in Howlstone again, after all these years. Words cannot describe the...

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10th Day of the 2nd month of 969.


Gardens, Home


*Researcher's notes 00A: Personal account that survived the ravages the journal went through, about C’s life and family in Red City. It would almost be mundane, if not for the near complete damage on any personal accounts. No scientific value in this entry, but it does shed light on the circumstances of C. Perhaps a fuller knowledge of our mysterious benefactor could ground our studies. 


*End Researcher's notes 00A.


…..ght with...

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9th Day of the 4th month of 972.


Day 2 of The E***di***n to *???? 


*Researcher's notes 2C: Extensive damage here. As this seemed to be the first of a series of entries previously studied, it is almost certain to this researcher that this refers to the Expedition to the Cauldron. 


To be absolutely certain however, this shall be entered into testing as sample batch 18E_B.


*End Researcher's notes 2C.


    …..mp is still being set up. We were a day late but it was such a grandfather of...

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