7th Day of the 10th month of 969.

Day 2, Howlstone Excavations

Howlstone is quite the remarkable city. Very old. One could feel the history seeping through the stones. The tears, laughter and all of that living drama of longtails stretching into time’s depths.

The mood this city puts me in! We’ve only just arrived yesterday. The equipment is still being unloaded and …**


**Researcher's notes 4B: Passage here still under reconstruction. Damage was not too extensive. In brief it describes C....

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12th Day of the 4th month of 972.

Day 5 of The Expedition to *the Cauldron


*Researcher's notes 1A: The original page had been heavily damaged and it was unclear where the expedition led to.

Based on close forensic study and inference however, it is the belief of this scholar that it most likely referred to the Cauldron, an immense maelstrom in the Southern Dune Sea that was a migratory spot for Vikhruts.

Please note that all mentions of this expedition's location had been rendered as the...

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