Fragments 004 - Red City 01

10th Day of the 2nd month of 969.


Gardens, Home


*Researcher's notes 00A: Personal account that survived the ravages the journal went through, about C’s life and family in Red City. It would almost be mundane, if not for the near complete damage on any personal accounts. No scientific value in this entry, but it does shed light on the circumstances of C. Perhaps a fuller knowledge of our mysterious benefactor could ground our studies. 


*End Researcher's notes 00A.


…..ght with Grandfather. I fear there can be no reconciliation between us. The Old Ones be my witness, I have no interest in taking over the family, and inheriting his duties. It baffles me, his adamant insistence on shackling me to this dreariness. I love Grandfather, but I have not the temperament he seek!


     What would Father say?? If anyone, it should be him that takes up the mantle. Sitting through ledgers, collecting information…. Collecting dirt on others, say I! This does not speak to me. My very soul rebels against the skullduggery! *


*Researcher’s notes 00B: Page was torn through. Based on forensic studies the page tearing occured before the extensive damage that caused the journal to be unreadable.


* End Researcher’s notes 00B


    Well. I have calmed myself. Grandfather has done much for all of us, and I have been very uncharitable to him. I must simply state my position, and plant my flag. Politely of course, It is Grandfather after all. I shall hear him out, but stand firm in my decision.


    Stand firm in my decision…. easier said than done, when facing the tough old sand mule. I must speak my mind to him however. I cannot do what he wants. It would crush my soul to be trapped with stuffy no-lives that had never seen the sun!


     Well, enough of this whining. I am tired of hearing myself complain. Little cousin is waiting for me to show.... *


*Researcher’s notes 00C: End of paragraph scratched out. We do not know what he was showing.


* End Researcher’s notes 00C


     Ol……… decided to…….party at Sunspire Boulevard for Founding Day…….*


*Researcher’s notes 00D: Section here was damaged beyond repair. The rest of this entry was gone.


* End Researcher’s notes 00D