Fragments 005 - Vikhruts 02

9th Day of the 4th month of 972.


Day 2 of The E***di***n to *???? 


*Researcher's notes 2C: Extensive damage here. As this seemed to be the first of a series of entries previously studied, it is almost certain to this researcher that this refers to the Expedition to the Cauldron. 


To be absolutely certain however, this shall be entered into testing as sample batch 18E_B.


*End Researcher's notes 2C.


    … is still being set up. We were a day late but it was such a grandfather of a sandstorm yesterday! Quite unbelievable in its ferocity. We had to take shelter. The sandstorm would have blown everything clear away if we had tried to set up. Those looking glasses costed a fortune, and Uncle ** would be livid if anything happened to it!


**Researcher's notes 3C: Extent of damage here looks hopeless. For the sake of procedure, will mark for further study and testing under sample batch 18E_C.


**End Researcher's notes 3C.


    Sill, we have time! The migration is still underway and we have managed to stay ahead of the Vikhruts. I must congratulate the guide in bringing us so swiftly through the *Cracked Lands. Perhaps a little bonus might be in order. Good work deserves a reward, and their kind appreciates coin more. 


*Researcher's notes 1E: The Cracked Lands is an expanse of dry, rocky ground. Unwelcoming even by the Red Desert's standards, it lies towards the southern part of the Red Desert. Very dangerous to travel through.


It is the closest landmass to the Cauldron, and is further evidence of the expedition's destination.


*End Researcher's notes 1E.



    *…...pathways through…… labyrinthine……………….………………datang………….


    ……..ok several weeks of….vel...led….


*Researcher's notes 2E: The entire section here is lost, alas. It is this researcher's conjecture that this section documented briefly the travels through the Cracked Lands, which would have been invaluable. Unfortunately, the condition of the writings here does not bode well for the hope of restoration.


*End Researcher's notes 2E.


    And now, we wait. We put up our instruments and equipment, which the porters we hired are hard at work setting up even now, bless their souls. And we wait….


    We wait though it eats at me! What awaits us? This trip would have been worth everything if we could but catch a glimpse of a female Desert Worm. No one has ever seen one before! The Society ……..*


*Researcher's notes 1A: The next page had been torn off.


*End Researcher's notes 1A.